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ISSUE: February 2024


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Tackling the Software Skills Gap with Lifelong Learning: What is a lifelong learning mindset and why is it so important – both at individual and collective levels? How does it contribute to tackling the digital skills gap? Suzanne Galletly, Digital Skills Director at EXIN and member of the ESSA Advisory Board, shares some interesting insights. Read more.

5 Compelling Reasons to Embark on a Software Career: Working in software lets you grow, come up with new ideas, and make a real difference. If you’re thinking about getting into coding, here are five really good reasons why starting a career in software could be a fantastic choice. Read more.

Careers in ICT: DevOps Engineer: Miha, a seasoned DevOps Engineer, unraveled the layers of his multifaceted career journey as a DevOps engineer. Read more.

ESSA: 2023 & the way forward: A summary of the Alliance’s last year’s work and achievements and a look into our exciting plans for 2024. Read more. 

Europe 2030: A Digital Powerhouse

By 2030, at least 50% of EU citizens should have ‘above basic level’ of digital skills, rising to 100% for under 30-year-olds, states a target from DIGITALEUROPE’s 2024 Manifesto. How to achieve it? Check the concrete solutions proposed in the manifesto.



  • International Technology, Education and Development Conference (INTEND2024) I Valencia, 4-6 March I IATED I View event
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  • Digital Europe Programme: Info Day for the Advanced Digital Skills Call for proposals I Online, 12 March I DSJP I View event