Experts’ tips on using the ESSA tools for software educators & professionals

Our mission at ESSA is to deliver learning instruments to skill, upskill and reskill individuals into high-demand software roles across Europe. On this note, we have developed a variety of tools for software educators and professionals.

Recently, we hosted a webinar for the ESSA Community members (you’re invited to join if you haven’t done it yet!), during which our experts: Chiara Longobardi (Adecco Formazione) and Paul Aertsen (Global Knowledge) shared tips on how to use our tools in practice. If you missed the webinar, here are some interesting bits.

What exactly are the ESSA educational profiles and how to translate them to the needs of short-term learning courses? Listen to Chiara’s explanation of how it works in practice:


Are the ESSA tools flexible? Chiara and Paul explained how to adjust them to the specific needs of different organisations:


Micro-credentials are a hot topic in the ESSA project. Paul described the way of integrating them into the Certification Framework for Software Professionals:


How to integrate the ESSA learning material into formal education, higher vocational schools, and universities? Chiara explained how such institutions can use the ESSA tools: