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General information

The HBO-ICT curriculum at the Institute for ICT at Hogeschool Utrecht is a vocational course that trains you to become an ICT specialist. You learn smart and devise creative ICT solutions for business issues. But also how you can safely roll out the latest software and how to manage the underlying infrastructure to keep it secure and available. Skills needed for this training are: creativity, curiosity and eagerness to learn. Within the curriculum, there are two distinct didactical tracks, one from a guided-learning principle and one from a self-learning principle.

In the first track, the guided-learning variant, the students follow a planned set of courses, with increasing self-regulation and complexity. In the first six months of the course, the students acquire basic knowledge and work on projects. They bring the acquired knowledge into the practice and discover which specialisation suits them best. They can choose from the following directions: Business IT & Management, Software Development, Cyber Security & Cloud, Technical Informatics and Artificial Intelligence. From the third year onwards, they can complete their studies themselves. They then choose their own innovative project, which they want to explore further.

In the second track, the self-learning variant named Open-ICT, the students don’t get lessons and exams, but work fully on challenging projects for real clients from the start of the studies. The students are coached in their learning, both on skills and competencies.

About ESSA

ESSA is a transnational project funded under the Erasmus+ programme to boost software skills in Europe and re-aligning the educational offering and the market’s demand.

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