ESSA Train the Trainer Programme & Materials

The ESSA “Train the Trainer Programme” provides teachers, educators and trainers working in formal and non-formal learning contexts with the information necessary to implement the ESSA Learning Programmes at EQF levels 4/ 5 and 6.

Since the professionals addressed have a high level of previous preparation and qualification, the contents provided are meant:

  • to support the delivery of the ESSA Learning Programmes at EQF 4/ 5 and 6 designed for each Educational profile developed at a specific EQF level, to which each annex is related;
  • to give “inputs” to plan and design any action aimed at supporting the reskilling of teachers, educators and trainers;
  • to provide learning materials and programmes designed on specific Learning Outcomes, to support the integration of existing learning pathways.

The contents and information are organised as follows:

  • Chapter two provides additional information concerning the overall purpose addressed by this document and an overview of the relation with other relevant tasks and deliverables realised
    within the ESSA project.
  • Chapter three includes:
    • a short presentation of the Educational Profiles (each developed according to specific EQF
      Levels) referred to the ESSA Learning Programmes at EQF 4/5 and 6.
    • a general overview of the ESSA Learning Programmes at EQF 4/ 5 and 6 developed for each
      Educational Profile and EQF level, highlighting the specific type of target groups.
    • sources of reference: overview of the main documents to be consulted and related links.

Contents provided in each of the eight annexes are aimed at supporting trainers, teachers and educators when delivering the proposed ESSA Learning Programmes. Each annex presents the ESSA Learning Programmes designed for each educational profile – at a specific EQF level – and includes the following information:

  • Type of target group addressed (learners);
  • Overview of each specific Learning Programme (Objective, Total number of Programme; Learning Outcomes concerned, Total Learning Units, Overall duration; Total number of ECTS; Targeted learning providers);
  • Specific Learning Programme, organised in Learning Units, for each Programme Learning Outcome (PLO) addressed by the Educational Profile at a specific EQF level.

Download the annexes:

  1. ANNEX I: Junior Developer EQF 4/5 
  2. ANNEX II: Developer EQF 6 
  3. ANNEX III: Developer EQF 7
  4. ANNEX IV: DevOps expert EQF 6
  5. ANNEX V: DevOps expert EQF 7
  6. ANNEX VI: Solution Designer EQF 6
  7. ANNEX VII: Solution Designer EQF 7
  8. ANNEX VIII: Test Specialist EQF 4/5 


The Train the Trainer Programme – including the eight annexes – supports the implementation of the pilot and soft pilot actions planned in the project workplan, by providing the information necessary to:

  • facilitate the reskilling/upskilling of trainers, teachers and educators;
  • support trainers, teachers, educators and organisations in arranging and running new Learning Programmes at national and regional/local level;
  • contribute to the testing and final designing of specific Educational Profile Learning Programmes – and related learning materials – designed within the ESSA project, that could be used by different types of entities concerned with educational and training aspects (public and private located in different EU Countries).

Use of this report

This deliverable – including the eight annexes – can be adopted by ESSA Associated Partners to implement soft pilot versions of the programme (e.g., piloting only a portion of it limited to specific PLOs or Learning Units). It provides the Consortium and Associated Partners with the relevant tools to identify the learning objectives, contents and material to be used to deliver a programme or part of it.

The document also supports the European Mobility Programme component of the project in facilitating the identification of contents and learning activities that might be part of a transferrable element.