Fullstack Developer – Warsaw School of Computer Science

General information

The course program covers a comprehensive range of topics in the development process, including practical programming applications using advanced object-oriented techniques in both backend and frontend layers. It also introduces several popular programming frameworks and tools. By completing this course, participants acquire skills that are highly applicable in various IT projects. 

Covered topics

  • Software modelling and architecture (Modeling and analysis of information systems, Advanced Software Engineering, Design Patterns and Architectural Applications)
  • Fundamentals of programming and algorithms (Foundations and Programming Methods, Creating Applications Using Integrated Development Environments)
  • Object-oriented programming (Advanced Object-Oriented Design, Concurrent Programming, Unit Testing)
  • Internet software development (Application and Website Design, Creating Applications and Websites)
  • Cloud-based software development (Creating Cloud Applications, Cloud Service Management)
  • Fundamentals of law for IT
  • Fundamentals of agile team management
  • Diploma thesis design


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