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Infographics I Key Findings 2021 Needs Analysis Report

The infographics helps to visualise some of the key findings of the Needs Analysis report 2021 “Europe’s Most Needed Software Roles and Skills“. Read the full report.

Europe is facing a shortage of software skills and professionals.

  • Overall, Europe needs more software Developers and demand is expected to steadily grow.
  • Over the next five years, organisations will recruit Developers, Solutions designers, and DevOps experts en masse.

Chart Organisations’ need for extra people per software role

  • Top 3 most popular hard skills per software roles:
    • Developer: SQL, Javascript, HTML
    • Test specialist: Selenium, Jira, SQL
    • Solution designer: SQL, Microsoft & cloud, Javascript
    • DevOps expert: Linux, Docker, Kubernetes
    • Digital media specialist: HTML, Javascript, CSS
  • It is crucial for software professionals to have a solid understanding of programming principles so that they can quickly adapt to new languages.
  • Software professionals should not only be experts in software but also have a broader set of non-technical skills like personal soft skills or business skills.