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General information

The Solutions Designer EQF 7 course is an ‘add on’ module to Hellenic Open University’s MSc on ‘Pervasive and Mobile Computing Systems’ programme.  It aims to provide in depth insights to DevOps so that participants may gain a more comprehensive grasp of both the technical and cultural aspects of modern DevOps practices. Core topics include Agile Management for DevOps, Collaborative Management strategies, and understanding the importance of Organisational Culture for Continuous Delivery. Learners will delve into Continuous Integration Practices, Configuration Management, and Automation Test Strategies. The course also introduces Component Integration essentials, with a special focus on integrating components for Machine Learning projects, and a deep dive into the DevOps system infrastructure. 

Covered topics

  • Solution Architects in an Organization  
  • Attributes of the Solution Architecture  
  • Principles of Solution Architecture Design  
  • Cloud Migration and Hybrid Cloud Architecture Design  
  • Solution Architecture Design Patterns  
  • Performance Considerations  
  • Security Considerations 

About ESSA

ESSA is a transnational project funded under the Erasmus+ programme to boost software skills in Europe and re-aligning the educational offering and the market’s demand.

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