ESSA Newsletter | What Software Skills and Profiles does Europe Really Need?


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New in! We recently launched “Europe’s Most Needed Software Roles and Skills” report — a research-based, market-oriented overview exploring the current (and future) needs for software skills. Read the full report.

Top 4 Skills for Software Professionals: Technology evolves quickly and it is crucial for organisations to stay up to date. What are the key software skills should you invest in? Read the article.

Coding your Future: The skills you need for a Career in Software: Code is found almost everywhere. It is used to develop the very software and computer programmes you use in your daily life. Learn more.


  • EfVET Conference 2021 “Shaping the future: Sustainable and Innovative VET” I Online, 28 Oct 2021 I EfVET I View event
  • ASIIN-FIGURE Global Conference 2021 I Paris, 4-5 Nov 2021 I ASIIN, FIGURE, and EASPA I View event
  • “Never waste a good crisis: Develop a trustworthy digital ecosystem” I Online, 9 Nov 2021 I ITPE, IFIP-IP3, and CEN TC 428 I View event
  • GoDigital 2021 I Slovenian Digital Center and online, 18 Nov 2021 I CCIS, Association for Informatics and Telecommunications I View event



*NEW*  “Europe’s Most Needed Software Roles and Skills” Needs Analysis report, 2021: This report sheds light on the current and future needs for software skills and professionals in Europe. The conclusions are drawn based on the study of job vacancies, available research on software skills, education and training programmes, labour market reports, and databases. We also collected experts’ input about their expectations for the future of software roles, skills, and their provision. Read the report.

Infographics on “Key Findings of the Needs Analysis 2021”: Europe is facing a shortage of software skills and professionals. Visualise the key findings of the Needs Analysis report 2021 “Europe’s Most Needed Software Roles and Skills”.

Presentation on “Project Overview: ESSA 101”: What is the European Software Skills Alliance all about? Download the project overview to catch up with ESSA.

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