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Teach & Learn | 06/02/2023

Draft Report I How to Design Software Professionals’ Curricula

The report explains how the ESSA educational profiles and Software Skills Strategy lead to…

Teach & Learn | 20/09/2022

Draft | ESSA Educational Profiles for Software Roles

ESSA releases the next generation of educational profiles for software roles — Developer, DevOps e…

Case Study I Improving career readiness of ICT graduates

Jointly designed by Ericsson and Athlone Technological University of the Shannon, the Master’s in A…

Teach & Learn | 20/05/2022

Video I Deep Dive into Software Skills with José Usero and Kevin McFall

José Usero and Kevin McFall discussed some of the results of the ESSA project on key in-demand…

Teach & Learn | 17/05/2022

Video I Expert discussion on answering the skill needs of the software industry

The discussion lays out challenges and solutions to (re/up)skill individuals into high demand…

Teach & Learn | 02/04/2022

Video I Future-proof Software Skills in a Fast-Changing Industry with Helena Lovegrove

Helena Lovegrove, Director for Operations and Projects at DIGITALEUROPE, presents the ESSA project…